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Chesterfield Liberal Democrats
Local News and Updates

  • Rack of clothes in a shop window.
    Article: Mar 18, 2019
    By Tim Farron, Mar 17, 2019

    Across Britain, you can't have failed to notice that our high streets and town centres are run down.

    Local businesses are closing, leaving our high streets empty of anything bar charity and betting shops.

    People have to travel further for necessities like groceries, needlessly adding more cars to our busy roads.

    And those without independent forms of transport, like the young, old and disabled, are reliant on public transport - that has also been cut to the bone by this Conservative government.

    The Liberal Democrats demand better.

    At our spring conference, we have just passed a motion which will:

    • Require regional leaders to develop a long-term plan for the growth of town centres under their jurisdiction
    • Provide businesses with an easier path to setting up on the high street, making use of empty store fronts and supporting local businesses;
    • Reform commercial planning law and work with industries to create best practices for how businesses can thrive in today's economy

    The Liberal Democrats have a credible plan to save and rejuvenate our town centres, and demand better for our communities.

    Read the whole motion here:

    Read more

  • Vince Cable in Twickenham
    Article: Mar 16, 2019
    By Vince Cable in

    Earlier this week Vince Cable announced his intenton to stand down as leader writing that "This has been a dramatic week in Parliament with Theresa May's Brexit proposals heavily defeated, and a very clear statement that a 'no deal' Brexit must be avoided.

    I indicated last year that once the Brexit story had moved on, and we had fought this year's crucial local elections in 9,000 seats across England, it would be time for me to make way for a new generation. I set considerable store by having an orderly, business-like, succession unlike the power struggles in the other parties.

  • Emily Coy- PPC Selectkln
    Article: Nov 28, 2018
    By Matthew Genn

    Chesterfield Liberal Democrats have selected local campaigner Emily Coy as their Parliamentary candidate.

    Emily lives in Chesterfield and works as an accountant for a leading local firm.

    Speaking at Chesterfield Liberal Democrat's AGM on Thursday night Emily said: "Chesterfield desperately needs investment to regenerate the town centre and make it a vibrant place that attracts visitors. This would bring money into the local economy and create a cycle of continuous improvement from which residents would benefit.

  • Tom On The NHS
    Article: Jun 8, 2017
  • Tom On Schools
    Article: Jun 8, 2017
  • Tom Waspi
    Article: May 27, 2017

    Liberal Democrats Chesterfield parliamentary candidate Tom Snowdon has given his backing to WASPI

    Tom Snowdon: "I pledge to support WASPI and to work in Parliment to find a solution for the women affected"

    You can find more about the WASPI campaign by clicking here

  • Dementia Tax
    Article: May 22, 2017

    85% of homes in Chesterfield could be eligible for sale to meet Theresa May's so-called 'dementia tax', research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

    Tom Snowdon has urged residents, irrespective of their party affiliation, to join a campaign to stop the Conservative social care plans which would saddle those with long-term illnesses with crippling care costs after their death.

  • Manifesto3
    Article: May 20, 2017

    Here is a summary of the popular, fully costed Liberal Democrat manifesto:

    For the full Liberal Democrat manifesto click here

    If you would like to support Tom Snowdon's Chesterfield Liberal Democrats campaign you can follow us on twitter @ChesterfieldLD, like at or e-mail

  • Pensioners
    Article: May 13, 2017

    Tom Snowdon has said that 20,310 pensioners living in Chesterfield will receive at least an extra £772 per year under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans to protect the 'triple lock' for state pensions.

    Thanks to the triple lock guarantee, secured by the Liberal Democrats when they were in government, the basic state pension has risen in each year by whichever is the higher of earnings, prices or a rate of 2.5%. However, the Conservatives have refused to guarantee whether the triple lock will continue, raising fears it could be scrapped.

    The Liberal Democrats have committed this week to keeping the triple lock, meaning the state pension would be worth at least £137.15 a week by 2021, up from £122.30 in 2017, or an extra £772 a year.

    This would be paid for in part by restricting perks such as the winter fuel allowance so they are no longer paid to the wealthiest pensioners.

    Liberal Democrat spokesperson Tom Snowdon said:

    "Protecting the triple lock will mean an extra £772 a year by 2021 for over 20,000 people receiving the state pension in this constituency.

    "The Liberal Democrats are making a clear commitment to older people in Chesterfield, unlike the Conservatives who have repeatedly refused to give this guarantee.

    "The triple lock has succeeded in lifting thousands of pensioners out of poverty, but many are still struggling to get by.

    "An important test of a civilised society is the way in which it cares for the elderly. This commitment will ensure older people are able to meet their basic needs and that their living standards will be protected, especially with prices set to rise in the coming years."

  • Tom Snowdon NHS
    Article: May 10, 2017

    Tom Snowdon announced that the Liberal Democrats would plug funding gaps for the NHS and social care by putting a penny on income tax, in their first major manifesto commitment of the election campaign.

    The tax would raise an additional £105.2 million for Derbyshire, with £76 million for the NHS and £29.2 million for social care each year.